Watford Bridge of Peace

Afternoon Tea and Sharing

Bridge of Peace photo.

It has been twelve years since the WFWP Watford started its first Bridge of Peace bringing together in sisterhood ceremony ladies from the Christian and Muslim community. This Sunday March 22, we gathered together for an afternoon tea and to catch up with each other. Among the ladies presents some of them had participated in our first Bridge of Peace in 2003. With time, our bonds with each other have grown and deepened to great affection and sisterly love.

We all sat in a circle and shared about our personal situations. Some of the ladies had experience bereavement recently and shared on how they were coping other spoke about their pains going through divorce and the impact on their lives and children. Some expressed their challenges caring for their children. One after the other the ladies spontaneously spoke about their life experiences and how they dealt with them. Other topics came up like the NHS, the geographical separation of families, how to relate with your mother in law and more. We felt comforted by each other’s company and encouragement.

We took a short break for refreshments. The ladies had brought a lot of delicious foods: chickens, spicy potatoes, buns, lovely cakes, samozas and more.

We continued our conversations afterwards. Bilqees spoke about her family with 3 generations living together in the same house. As it was coming close to the end of our meeting, the topic of helping young people to prepare for marriage came up. We realised that our life experiences and wisdom acquired over the years was a well of resources to guide and help our young people.

We had a wonderful time together. We felt much closer to each other after sharing our life’s experiences, supporting and comforting each other.


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