Watford Bridge of Peace

How can we help our young people?

Bridge of Peace photo.

The ladies of the Watford Bridge of Peace met on Saturday 19th March at the Multi Cultural Community Centre. After an introduction to the Watford Bridge of Peace, Françoise mentioned about the celebration of International Women’s Day and introduced our guest speaker, Angie Green, outreach worker at the Watford Women Centre. Angie gave an overview of all the many valuables services the Women’s Centre offer to the women of Watford, services like careers advice, computer and language courses ESOL (English Speakers for Other Languages), support and counselling to women going through traumas e.g. domestic abuse and more. Like most charity today, the Women’s Centre is struggling to survive and are grateful for any volunteers or financial contributions.

We then had a musical contribution of the son of one of our Peace sister who sang ‘We are the world’ written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. After a short break and a cup of tea we came back together and started our discussion on the topic: ‘As the older generation, how can we help the younger generation?’ We had prepared some questions to help focus our discussion but there was no need for them, spontaneously everyone spoke about their experiences as mothers and grandmothers dealing with their children and grandchildren. Some good tips were exchanged and all agree of the importance of keeping the communication at all cost, being patient, loving and clear in our principles in order to protect and guide our children and young people.

We ended the afternoon with some announcements mainly the coming Watford Celebration 2016 on Bank Holiday Monday 30 May where we will also be celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday. Some ladies offered to volunteer on the day. We had a wonderful afternoon and learnt a lot from each other’s experiences.


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