Watford Bridge of Peace

Reflections on ‘The Dignity of Women’

Those are some of the reflections from those who attended:

Women are beautiful not just externally but also internally. They are the bearer and giver of life, an experience that no man whatever powerful or intelligent can ever go through. For 9 months, women carry in their womb a new life, going through pains and uncomforting situation but also experiencing the greatest joy of cuddling her new born child. Attached to this unique experience, women have been given the wonderful qualities of caring, nurturing and unconditional love. Isnt a mother’s heart the most beautiful gift to women? A mother’s heart is the resting place for all human beings. Men or women we all started our life with our mother’s love. It was our most intimate relationship before our father’s love. Children will run first to their mother for comfort and guidance.

“Women are the pillars of the home” said one of our Muslim sister. If women are strong and loving and live in the right way then the family will be happy but if the women is unstable and selfish the family they will receive the guidance of their mothers.

Do you realise how beautiful and valuable women are? How much we can be proud to be a women. We are shaping lives, teaching our children, or if we don’t have our own physical children we have an inner quality of patience, nurturing and teaching. How important it is for women to realise their values and their potential for good. It is essential for us to recover the “Dignity of Women” in order to offer a better life to our self, our family and our society.

Throughout history women have been put down by men and women themselves have accepted this situation. Women have been reduced to an object of sexual gratification and have been used as objects. We need to change this perception we need to understand our value and respect for each other – Dignity. If your daughter or your son sees you being treated a certain way by your husband and that your husband is allowed to do that…it will influence the children to do the same. Need to not allow ourselves to be mistreated or dominated.

At our meeting we were encouraged to become Ambassadors of the Dignity of Women in our own communities and give encouragement to other women, especially those who may be feeling downtrodden, forgotten, neglected. We were encouraged to reach out to other women and share our feelings about the dignity of women. It was an extremely positive day and we felt energised by each other and empowered and we did see ourselves differently and stood a little taller when we left. So many grateful thanks to Francoise for organising and to our wonderful speakers, and all the sisters who worked so hard behind the scenes making and bringing refreshments and generally making us all feel so welcome.


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