Watford Bridge of Peace

Thank you letter regarding "Empowering Women in Conflict Resolution" Seminar / Workshop.

Dear Francoise

This is just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the seminar/workshop on “Empowering women in conflict resolution” on the 29th of August.

I understand that we were kindly funded by the Pathfinder Programme and would like to say that I think the money was very well spent. It was an excellent day and provided much food for thought. The handout which I have carefully filed but will be perusing later, provides a really good insight into how we can view conflict differently and how we can act differently as well.

Once again, may I on behalf of the group thank you, Francoise, for organising and coordinating such an enjoyable day with very practical application both in our families and in our community, enabling us to fulfil our role as peacemakers that is so needed in society today. Thank you, Francoise, once again for a great event.

While writing, I would like to reiterate that the Bridge of Peace fulfils a very important role in bringing together women of all nationalities and cultures and traditions in a wonderful atmosphere of peace, cooperation and togetherness.

I feel loved and energised as a woman, appreciated and acknowledged in what I can do to make a difference, which sustains me on my return home. If others feel the same then we are achieving our aim, and I believe that our simple gatherings and our bigger celebrations, have a ripple effect in the community that is hard to measure but nonetheless felt. Long may the Bridge of Peace continue to support and build our society in Watford and surrounding areas as more women feel drawn into our midst. I truly believe that “by small and simple things great things are brought to pass”.

With much love and appreciation
Your sister

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