Watford Bridge of Peace

A piece of Peace Cake

Bridge of Peace photo.

On the occasion of International Day for Peace, the ladies of the Watford Bridge of Peace met with their Muslim sisters from the Watford Muslim Women Organisation at the Multi Cultural Community Centre. United Nations declared Thursday September 21st a day of global ceasefire, a day of peace and non-violence. All the united nations members countries held various events to celebrate the international day for peace: one minute silence was observed at noon, prayer vigils, peace concerts and other events were held all over the world.

Bridge of Peace photo.

In Watford, the ladies of the Bridge of Peace baked cakes and an especially big cake decorated with a dove and the word ‘Peace’. They then went to visit their sisters from the Watford Muslim Women Organisation to share their cakes with them. We first spoke about the meaning of the day and the importance of building a culture of heart in order to bring peace to our world. Four representatives of different backgrounds were selected to cut the big cake. Added to a lovely cup of tea, we enjoyed our cakes and each’s other company. We made new friends and had a wonderful time together.

The event was reported in the Watford Observer and on the UN website.


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