Watford Bridge of Peace

Bridge of Peace Ceremonies at the Watford Celebration

Bridge of Peace photo.

In 2005, the Watford Bridge of Peace together with the Watford Muslim Women’s Organisation, the Town Centre Chaplain and the Watford Interfaith Association initiated the Watford Celebration, a community event which celebrates the rich diversity of Watford. People from all ethnic and faith groups come together in a day of celebration and friendship sharing their heritage through performances, stalls, food, children’s activities, interfaith discussions and just meeting each other.

Bridge of Peace photo.

Watford Celebration was a great success from the start and became an annual event on the Watford’s calendar. Its popularity grew over the year and reached its highest attendance of 4,000 in 2010. The Elected Mayor of Watford has been a great supporter of the project and became Watford Celebration’s Patron. Eminent Dignitaries attended the events such as Luther Blisset, MPs, High Sheriffs of Hertfordshire and the Lord Lieutenant of Hertfordshire who came and cut our tenth anniversary cake. We even received a letter from her Majesty the Queen congratulating us on our effort to cultivate multicultural and interfaith awareness in Watford. The Watford Celebration committee received the ‘Special Achievement Award’ at the Audentior Awards in 2016.

The Watford Bridge of Peace performed several Bridge of Peace ceremonies at some of the Watford Celebration, inviting the public to cross the Bridge of Peace and extend the hand of friendship to someone from another community. Barriers have been broken and bridges of understanding have been created contributing to make Watford a welcoming town to all people.

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