Watford Bridge of Peace

Sisterhood Ceremony between Christian and Muslim women

Bridge of Peace photo.

Two years ago the Bushey/Watford WFWP organized a Bridge of Peace ceremony in Watford. At that time 40 ladies from the Christian and Muslim communities joined in a sisterhood ceremony to express their commitment for peace and reconciliation. Since then, the ladies have kept contact with each other and participated in diverse community activities. We all learned to appreciate each other’s faith and cultures. Barriers between our communities are breaking down and wonderful friendships are developing.

Bridge of Peace photo.

On the occasion of the second anniversary of the Bridge of Peace, some of the ladies expressed the desire to extend their experiences to many more women in the Watford area. With their help and support, the WFWP hosted a second Bridge of Peace ceremony at the MCCC in Watford on March 13th. It was a wonderful and meaningful event. Over 56 ladies attended, among them the Mayor of Watford, 4 Councillors and one parliamentary candidate.

We started the event with some uplifting words and songs from our Mc, Louise Rawlence, followed by a talk from Barbara Zacacrelli, the President of the WFWP. Barbara spoke about the aims of the WFWP and about her involvement in peace rallies in Jerusalem. Representatives from the Christian and Muslim communities shared their thoughts and experiences on each other’s faiths and traditions. The Bridge of Peace ceremony was very moving. The newly found sisters embraced each other, the sisterhood pledge was recited, addresses were exchanged and spontaneous testimonies were given. Plans are made to visit the local mosque. The mayor shared some words at the end of the program.She said although she was tired and this was her fifth event of the day, she really wanted to be here and asked us to keep her informed about our future activities. We all ended the afternoon with cup of tea or coffee and delicious homemade cakes.


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