Watford Bridge of Peace

The Peace Blanket project

Bridge of Peace photo.

The Peace Blanket project, an initiative from one of our WFWP sister, was adopted at the fifth anniversary of the Bridge of Peace. The ladies were invited to knit or crochet a small square 12cm X 12cm using multi coloured wool. The squares were then assembled into a blanket. The idea was for women from various backgrounds to come together in creating a beautiful blanket investing their heart and love in their work with their thoughts focused on peace in our families, societies and our world. The finished blanket would later on be sold in a charity auction in aid of children’s education in Africa.

The ladies enjoyed working together on the project and bit by bit we could bring all the pieces together and make a magnificent blanket.

At the Watford Celebration 2008, the Bridge of Peace ladies brought their finished squares to the Watford Bridge of Peace stall and invited the public to join in the making of squares. People were surprised to see ladies knitting colourful squares and asked questions about our project. The news went around the many stalls and people came and asked for needles and wool and started to work on making squares at their own stalls. It was quite incredible.

Bridge of Peace photo.

Even the Mayor of Watford stopped at our stall and had a go at knitting. She told her that it reminded her of her youth when she was doing knitting at school. She was very relaxed and happy to chat with us. We brought her a cup of tea and some sushi from the food area. The knitting of Peace squares during the Watford Celebration was a real success. Some stallholders promised to make more squares and sent them to us which helped us to create an incredible blanket made by the loving hands of so many ladies from all backgrounds.


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