Watford Bridge of Peace

“The Watford Bridge of Peace” From Watford to Jerusalem

Bridge of Peace photo.

At the break of the Iraqi war, on March the 2nd 2003, the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) with the help of the Watford Interfaith Association hosted a Bridge of Peace Ceremony at the Multi Racial Community Centre in Watford. Women from the Christian and Muslim community were invited to participate in a Bridge of Peace Ceremony to express their commitment to peace and reconciliation. Forty women from both communities crossed a symbolic Bridge decorated with flowers and became sisters of Peace. It was a very moving moment when the Christian and Muslim ladies embraced each other and recited together the pledge of sisterhood. The Mayor of Watford was present and congratulated the ladies for their commitment for peace and reconciliation. After the ceremony and some refreshments, the participants shared with their newly found sisters. Addresses were exchanged and promises to keep in contact and learn more about each other's faith and culture. We ended the afternoon with dances representing the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith. There was an amazing atmosphere of celebration and joy.

Bridge of Peace photo.

Since that time, the ladies of the Bridge of Peace have been meeting on several occasions. We helped in community events in Watford, supported Muslim schools, had social gatherings, took part in the Rainbow Festival and the West Watford Show.

Beside those local events, some ladies of the Bridge of Peace connected to international rallies for Peace in the Middle East in Israel/Palestine organised by the International Interreligious Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) an affiliated organisation of WFWP.

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